Parents, Spring Break is for You Too

Parents, Spring Break is for You Too 2018-03-12T16:09:29+00:00

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Parents are constantly on the go and on their game; why should Spring Break only apply to the kids? I don’t say this just to get parents off the hook, but to get them ON the hook to spend time with their children during this time off.

Spring Break After Hours

It’s true; parents don’t technically get Spring Break off, but they can make the most of their after-hours with the kids. Break the mold a little, and be intentional about staying away from the mundane. Use dinnertime as prime Spring Break territory for games, getting outdoors, and switching roles.

Get with the Game

Game night doesn’t have to be all night; it could take only a few minutes over dinner. Ask your kids stimulating questions like, “If you could choose anyone from any period of time, fiction or nonfiction, to come to dinner, who would you choose?” Other simple games such as “Telephone” or “Finish the Story,” in which you start a story and have your kids use their imaginations to end it, are fun, easy, and engaging options.

Get Outdoors

As spring descends, we have daylight a little longer each day. Take the kids outdoors for a picnic at the park, and maybe throw the frisbee or toss the football around. It’s likely that the only time you get outside yourself is from parking lot to desk and vice versa. Take advantage of this time to get your vitamin D and get reacquainted with nature. Spring Break is about detaching from technology and work, and reconnecting with yourself and those you love.

Switching Roles

When I suggested breaking out of your comfort zone, I meant it. It could be a fun experiment to switch roles with the kids on a Spring Break evening. Have them plan out the meal and maybe even help cook. Everyone’s gotta eat sometime; might as well cook and eat together. Hey, maybe even clean together. That’s a crazy thought!

Take A Real Break

It’s likely that your kids will spend some time with their friends, maybe even staying overnight, during this Spring Break. This is when you can actually use the “break” part of the word. Think of something you love to do that you never get to, and set aside some time to do it. Whether it’s reading quietly, having a date night with your spouse, or going to bed early, take advantage of these special moments that are few and far between.

Spring into a Fresh Start

Spring is about starting fresh–as an individual and as a parent. My advice is to reconnect with your kids and give your relationship a tune-up. Do a little spring cleaning, get the family out in the sun, and try your best to Spring Break out of your comfort zone.